1952 Shinto Scientific Co., Ltd. founded in Kanda-higashi-konyacho in Tokyo�fs Chiyoda Ward.
Manufacturing business started at Nakano Works in Takada in Tokyo�fs Nakano Ward.
1956 New headquarters building completed in Kanda-higashi-konyacho in Tokyo�fs Chiyoda Ward.
1965 Nerima Factory completed in Nukui in Tokyo�fs Nerima Ward.
1966 �gThree-One Motor�h agitators created for laboratory use.
1969 Ochiai Industrial Machinery Department established in Kamiochiai in Tokyo�fs Shinjuku Ward.
1972 Tester Division established.
Service Labo established in Kanda-higashi-matsushitacho in Tokyo�fs Chiyoda Ward.
1976 Capital increased to 10,080,000Yen.
1977 Manufacturing of Surface Property Testers started at Ochiai Industrial Machinery Department.
1979 Laboratory established in Kanda-konyacho in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.
1980 Increased capital to 15,120,000Yen.
1982 “Heidon” trademark registered.
1985 Sales Department and Service Labo transferred to Iwamotocho in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.
1986 Service Labo Osaka established in Yodogawa Ward in Osaka.
1989 Iruma Factory completed in Iruma City, Saitama.
1990 Certified as Excellent Tax Declaration Company by Kanda Tax Office.
1991 Company funeral held after passing of Senior Managing Director Shigeko Nomura.
Corporate Identity project introduced.
1992 5-day working week system introduced throughout.
40th anniversary of company founding.
Increased capital to 30,240,000Yen.
1994 Tokyo Sales Office completed in Nukui in Tokyo�fs Nerima Ward.
1995 Osaka Sales Office established in Osaka�fs Kita Ward.
1996 Website established.
“Heidon Virtual Office” CD-ROM produced to introduce the company’s products.
Tribogear registered as a trademark.
1998 Increased capital to 45,240,000Yen.
2000 Appointed Masahisa Nomura as president and Masuhei Nomura as chairman.
2002 50th anniversary of company founding
2004 Company funeral held after passing of Chairman Masuhei Nomura.
2005 Transferred to Ogose Factory in Ogose-machi in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture.
Logo mark changed.
2006 Sales Department transferred to Higashi Kanda in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.
Established Showroom in Nihonbashi-bakurocho in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward.
2008 ISO certification acquired by Ogose Factory and Sales Department.