BL300Mx-10 Maxblend Agitation Equipment

This is an agitating instrument that incorporates Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.�fs Maxblend blades, which are absolutely trusted by customers as industrial agitating equipment.

The instrument is applicable to a wide range of viscosities, from low viscosity to high viscosity, and realizes complete mixing in a short time period.

By combining this instrument with the multi-tank made from SUS304 incorporating the 4 baffles, these characteristics can be fully utilized.


  • An epoch-making flow pattern is obtained that enables unified mixing in a short period of time.
  • Due to the continuous blade structure in the vertical direction, a stable performance is achieved when there are changes in the level of the liquid.
  • Can be used over a wide range, from low viscosity to high viscosity.
  • Due to the strong jet flows from the tank lower part, low rotation and low motion can realize a fixed unified dispersion condition.
  • Because of the unified shearing effect that operates throughout the whole tank liquid, the grain size distribution in suspension polymerization and crystallization will be precisely maintained.
  • Agitation can be carried out under vacuum and pressurized conditions.
  • Four baffles (barrier plates) are provided, and it is possible to remove the lid and the agitator to allow easy washing.
Please contact this company for information and discussions regarding the sizes and systems required for your experiments.


You can view the effect of the Maxblend blades in this video. *Adobe Flash software is required to view the video.

Iodine de-coloring test

This shows a comparison between the container on the left, which has a multistage paddle blade, and the container on the right, which uses a Maxblend blade. In the case of the paddle blade, the ring-shaped unmixed area is not cleared.

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Main specifications

 Applications Low to High Viscosity
Rotation Speed 5~300rpm
Rated Torque 1.3N・m
Motor DC Brushless Motor B Type Insulation 35W
Rotation Control Feedback Control, Forward/Reverse Rotation Switching (Timer mode, manual)
Forward and Reverse
Rotation Timer
5, 10, 20, 30, 45, and 60 sec Setting Switching Possible
Panel Display Rotation Speed Digital 4 Digits, and Overload Display; Torque Indicator (1 graduation 20%)
Agitation Tank Material: Made from SUS304 (With 4 baffles)
Inside Diameter: 260mm, Height: 280mm
Included Volume: 10L Rounded Base (Standard Specification)
Chuck φ8mm Collet-type Hand-tightening Chuck
Safety Equipment Current Restricting Circuit, Thermal Protector: Motor Coil Temperature 90℃, Safety Cover
Power Cable 2m Power Cable with 2-pole Grounded Plug
Power Supply and
Single Phase 100V±10% Joint Use 50/60Hz 120VA
Dimensions W320mm x D320mm x H665mm (Standard specification excluding projections)

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