BL600Z+ Vertical Motion Rotating Agitator

Repeats an up/down both-way movement while the agitator blades are rotating.

Compared with agitation consisting of rotation only, the agitating efficiency has been greatly improved. The circumferential flows that are generated in rotation agitation which reduce the mixing efficiency are avoided and axial direction flows are easily created to realize unified agitation throughout the tank in a short time.

In high viscosity agitation, the ring-shaped unmixed area that is normally difficult to identify will not be generated. In addition, in the case of a deep-bottomed tank, there will be an effect during agitation with multi-level blades that will act to prevent level separation.


  • While rotating the agitator blades, a both-way up and down movement is repeated.
  • During the agitation, even if there are changes in viscosity the set rotation speed will be maintained.
  • Incorporates noise countermeasures to avoid mis-operation or causing interference in other equipment.
  • Wide range of usage is possible, from low viscosity to high viscosity.
  • A strong brushless motor is utilized that is maintenance-free.
  • During agitating work, one-switch operation changes the rotation direction.


You can view the Z+ effect in this video. *Adobe Flash software is required to view the video.


Iodine de-coloring test using the turbine blade

This shows a comparison between the container on the left, which has a normal rotation only, and the container on the right, which has a vertical motion rotation operation. In the case of the rotation only, the ring-shaped unmixed area is not cleared.

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Main specifications

 Applications Medium to High Viscosity
Rotation Speed 10~600rpm
Rated Torque 0.7N・m
Motor DC Brushless Motor B Type Insulation 40W
Rotation Control Feedback Control and Forward/Reverse Rotation Switching (Timer mode, manual)
Rotation Timer
5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60sec Setting Switching Possible
Vertical Both-way
Vertical Both-way
8 rotations/1 Return
Panel Display Rotation Speed Digital 4 Digits, and Overloading Display; Torque Indicator (1 graduation 20%)
Chuck φ8mm Collet-type Hand-tightening Chuck
Safety Equipment Current Restricting Circuit, Thermal Protector: Motor Coil Temperature 90℃, Safety Cover
Power Cable 2m Power Cable with 2-pole Grounded Plug
Power Supply and
Single Phase 100V±10% Joint use 50/60Hz 120VA
Dimensions and
Main Unit: W135mm x D175mm x H203mm, 3.5Kg
Clamp Holder (Type: 21 x 16) 1 piece, Safety Cover

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