BLh600 High Power General Purpose Agitator

The series utilizes a high output 80W brushless motor that was developed to handle demanding agitation situations.

These strong laboratory agitators generate twice as much torque as the BL series.

The automatic forward/reverse rotation function with timer allows changing of the rotation direction to eliminate the ring-shaped unmixed area that is generated with one-directional agitation.


  • Realizes twice as much torque from approximately the same size as the previous BL Series instruments, allowing high viscosity agitation and the use of large sized blades.
  • The exceptional quietness will not interfere with the laboratory environment.
  • During the agitation, even if there are changes in viscosity the set rotation speed will be maintained.
  • Utilizes a powerful brushless motor that does not generate sparks.
  • During agitating work, one-switch operation changes the rotation direction.
  • Does not output noise that would adversely affect other equipment, and incorporates measures to prevent mis-operation even when affected by noise.
  • Provided with protection equipment such as a current restricting circuit and thermal protector to protect against agitator motor overloading.

* Note: Compared with this company�fs BL Series products. Actually has become larger by D15mm, H10mm.


You can view the effect of the forward and reverse rotation operation in this video. *Adobe Flash software is required to view the video.


Iodine de-coloring test using the tilted paddle blade

This shows a comparison between the container on the left, which has one-directional rotation, and the container on the right, where the rotation direction is changed using timer switching. In the case of the one-directional rotation, the ring-shaped unmixed area is not cleared. *A manually conducted forward/reverse rotation video is shown on the BL Series page.

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Main specifications

Applications Medium to High Viscosity
Rotation Speed 10-600rpm
Rated Torque 1.3N・m
Motor DC Brushless Motor B Type Insulation (130℃) 80W
Rotation Control Feedback Control and Forward/Reverse Rotation Switching (Timer mode, manual)
Rotation Timer
5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 sec Setting Switching Possible
Panel Display Rotation Speed Digital 4-digits, and Overloading Display; Torque Indicator (1 graduation 20%)
Chuck φ8mm Collet-type Hand-tightening Chuck
Safety Equipment Current Restricting Circuit, Thermal Protector: Motor Coil Temperature 90℃, Safety Cover
Power Cable 2m Power Cable with 2-pole Grounded Plug
Power Supply and
Single Phase 100V±10% Joint Use 50/60Hz 200VA
Option 110-230V
Dimensions and Weight Main Unit: W135mm x D170mm x H211mm, 2.2Kg
Standard Accessories Clamp Holder (Type: 21 x 16) 1 piece, Safety Cover

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