Stirrer100 Circulating Stirrers

These extremely durable circulating stirrers can also be safely used for long-period temperature distribution equalization work in constant-temperature tanks.

The liquid drawn from the lower part of the mantle which has a special swelling is efficiently expelled from three spouts located in the upper part to continuously create a large and gentle flow throughout the tank.


  • Sturdy and Durable Stainless Steel Body
  • Outstandingly Quiet
  • Holder Allows Mounting on Various Types of Tanks

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Main specifications

Applications Low Viscosity Circulation
Holder Round Type and Square Type Joint Use
Motor Output 3W
Motor Current 0.2A
Motor Rated Torque 50Hz:0.025N/m(250gf/cm)
Motor Rated Rotation 50Hz:1200rpm・60Hz:1450rpm
Motor Temperature Rise 60deg C
Stirring Temperature Maximum 450deg C
Material SUS304
Power Supply Single-phase 100VA±10% 50/60Hz
Weight 1.7Kg

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