TYPE:17 Adhesion and Peeling Resistance Tester

Use for Peeling and Tensile Strength Evaluations

The test piece clamps on both sides move at the same speed in opposite directions, and the resistance is accurately measured at one of the clamps.
An empty part is prepared between both clamps into which the unpeeled sample is inserted.
Accordingly, the T-type Peeling Test obtains extremely stable data.

Measurement from Minute Amounts for a Wide Range of Contents

T-type peeling, 180 peeling, tension, and tearing testing can be measured, together with blocking testing for evaluation of surface adhesion.

Easy to Use

By bringing the instrument to the required location, it will be possible to quickly carry out measurement.
Zero balancing and calibration are also simple, so that anyone can operate the instrument.


You can view the Type: 17 operation in this video. *Adobe Flash software is required to view the video.


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Main specifications

Travel Speed Clamp Moving Speed: 50-500mm/min
(Because both clamps move at the same speed in opposite directions, the measurement speed will be 100-1000mm/min.)
Travel Distance Each clamp 150mm
Measurement Range Possible to use both 0-100gf and 0-2000gf loading converters
Test Sample Dimensions Maximum 200mm x 75mm
Safety Equipment Overloading Safety Equipment (Overload)
High Frequency Noise Prevention Circuit CMRR: AC/DC130dB or greater,
NMRR: AC50dB or greater
Dynamic Strain Amplifier Zero Point Adjustment: Digital Servo Auto Zero Reset Method
Output (Non-linear): ±5V (±0.05% FS or less)
Sensitivity Switching: 0, 100, 50, 25, 10% FS
SN Ratio: 60dB (Maximum sensitivity)
Response Frequency Characteristics: 2kHz/-3dB
Filter: 1, 10, 100Hz, Pass (Low pass filter)
(The dynamic strain amplifier is incorporated in the main unit)
Supported Standards JIS P8139
Usage Environment 0-50℃ RH85% or less, non-condensing
Power Supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Overall Dimensions Main Unit: W630mm x D310mm x H350mm
Standard Accessories Loading Converter 1 unit, Relay Cable 1m, Power Cable (2P with E, 2m) 1 piece,
Acrylic Cover 1 piece, Tools 1 set, Parts Case 1 unit, Operation Manual 1 book
Options TriboSoft

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