TYPE:20 Torque Type Friction and Wear Tester

Disk-on-disk and Ball-on-disk Friction and Wear Testing

The torque converter is directly connected to the turntable on which the test piece can be mounted.
For the loading, it will be possible to select the disk for surface contact and the ball indenter for point contact.
Because the disk and the ball indenter can both be balanced using the dead weight, low loading can be used to carry out highly accurate friction and wear testing.

Utilizes a High-Speed Rotating Turntable

Because the maximum rotation is 3000rpm, high speed wear testing can be carried out.
This is most appropriate for carrying out high speed wear testing in only one direction.

Incorporates a Torque Converter

Since the torque converter is directly connected to the turntable, even minute changes in friction can be detected.

Balance Arm Structure that Supports Various Testing

As a similar balance arm mechanism is utilized to the one in the Surface Property Tester Type: 14FW, it will be possible to use various types of measurement probes, including those for surface, point and line contact.
In addition, the vertical loading can be set in 10g steps.



You can view the Type: 20 operation in this video.



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Main specifications

Rotation Speed 10-3000rpm (Maximum 9,999,999 times rotation counter, with digital rotation meter)
Driving Motor Brushless Motor
Measurement Range 0-4000g/cm
Turntable Diameter φ5inch
Indenter Travel Range Brushless Motor
Safety Equipment Overloading safety equipment
High Frequency Noise Countermeasure Circuit
Dynamic Strain Amplifier Zero Point Adjustment: Digital Servo Auto Zero Reset Method
Output (Non-linear): +/-5V (+/-0.05% FS or less)
Sensitivity Switching: 0, 100, 50, 25, 10% FS
SN Ratio: 60dB (Maximum Sensitivity)
Response Frequency Characteristics: 2kHz/-3dB
Filter: 1, 10, 100Hz, Pass (Low Pass Filter)
(Dynamic Strain Amplifier is incorporated in the main unit.)
Usage Environment 0-50℃ RH 85% or less, non-condensing
Power AC100V 50/60Hz
Overall Dimensions Main Unit: W630mm x D350mm x H435mm
Standard Accessories Sampling Disk 5 inch Diameter 1 unit, Ball Indenter 1 unit, Combination Weights 1 set,
Relay Cable 1m, Power Cable (2P with E, 2m) 1 piece, Earth Wire 1 piece,
Acrylic Cover 1 unit, Parts Case 1 box, Operation Manual 1 book
Options TriboSoft, Various Measuring Probes

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