TYPE:30/30S Both-Way Wear Tester

The Simplest Both-Way Wear Tester

This tester is focused on wear testing evaluation by visual inspection. The Basic Grade Type: 30, and the Type: 30S with non-staged high speed adjustment function and specified rotation number auto stop function, are available.
In addition, the 2-series and 4-series specifications, in which testing can be carried out a number of times under the same conditions, are also available.

Possible to Change the Travel Speed and Distance in Stages

According to the eccentric cam mounting position, the table travel speed and distance can be set in stages.
Additionally, the Type: 30S allows setting of non-staged travel distance using a digital dial.

Simultaneous Testing also Possible using Multiple Samples (Option)

By setting several balance arms, simultaneous testing of multiple samples can be carried out under the same conditions, shortening the testing time and reducing the variations due to differences in conditions.

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Main specifications

Travel Speed 33000mm/min
* Possible to be changed on request
* Possible to be changed on request
Drive Motor AC Induction Motor (Fixed type) AC Induction Motor (Variable type)
Drive Method Eccentric Cam Method
Travel Distance 50mm 10-50mm (4-stage switching)
*Possible to be changed on request
Travel Times Possible to Count Up to 999,999 Times With Specified Rotation Number Auto Stop Function up to 999,999 Times
Table Dimensions 180×120mm
Usage Environment 0-50℃ RH85% or less, non-condensing
Power Supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Overall Dimensions Main Unit: W480mm x D455mm x H200mm
Standard Accessories Combination Weights 1 set, Power Cable (2P with E, 2m) 1 piece, Tools 1 set,
Acrylic Cover 1 unit, Parts Case 1 box, Operation Manual 1 book
Options 2-series Arm Specification, 4-series Arm Specification,
Speed and Travel Distance Changing, etc.

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