TYPE:33 Tactile Meter

Expressing Sensory Evaluation in Numerical Values

This instrument allows texture, feeling, and blending, which were previously difficult to quantify, to be shown numerically.
Using three strain gages, the resistances in the X, Y and Z directions is detected.
Operation only requires placing the sample on the test piece table and tracing the object with your finger or other object. Measurement can be easily carried out.
In addition, using the handy probe, samples that can not be loaded on the test piece table can also be measured.

Slippiness Measurement of Creams and Gels

Place a fixed volume of the sample on the table and trace it with your finger. It will be possible to show the slippiness of the cream numerically.

Blending Measurement of Creams

Place a fixed volume of the sample on the table, and trace it several times with your finger. As the sample is blended by your finger, the friction resistance between the table and your finger will become larger. The ease of blending can be evaluated from the changes in the resistance.

Evaluation of Texture and Feeling

This allows the slippiness of various types of molded products, clothing, and paper to be shown as numerical values.

By fixing the sample on the table and tracing it with your finger, the friction resistance between your finger and the sample is measured.

In addition, for samples that can not be placed on the table, the handy probe can be used to directly trace the sample. It will be possible to measure the friction resistance between an attachment mounted on the probe and the sample.

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Main specifications

Sample Table Dimensions 100×100mm
Measurement Range 0-20N (Each axis direction)  X, Y, Z directions
Dynamic Strain Amplifier Zero Point Adjusting Range: ?}0.5mV/V (Multi-rotation Potentiometer)
Non-linearity: 0.01% FS+/- 1 digit
Zero Point Drift: 0.01% FS+/- 1 digit
Sensitivity Switching: 0.01% FS+/- 1 digit
Display Unit: Red-colored 7-segment LED
Usage Environment 0-50℃ RH85% or less, non-condensing
Power Supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Overall Dimensions Measurement Part: W102mm x D150mm x H110mm (Not including fixed version W200 x D200mm)
Amplifier Part: W270mm x D150mm x H260mm (Not including projecting parts)
Standard Accessories Power Cable (2P with E, 2m) 1 piece, Operation Manual 1 book
Options Handy Probe, Software TriboTouch

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