TYPE:34 Rotating Drum/Both-way Sliding Combined Friction and Wear Tester

Two Types of Testing in One Instrument! Both-way Sliding Testing and Rotating Drum Testing

This friction and wear tester allows not only the same sliding testing as that offered by TriboStation, but also enables rotating drum testing. Adding to the same sliding testing that was possible with previous friction and wear testers, rotation drum testing can also be carried out.

The friction and wear tester provides two functions in the same machine, so that testing of photosensitive drums and supply paper rollers can be measured with the same rotation used under the actual measurement conditions, while paper and plate-shaped samples can be measured by straight line both-way sliding testing.


Regardless of the Materials, Combinations can be Freely Made

In addition to the weight addition method using proven weights, the pressing method appropriate for rotating drum testing using a loading converter is also supported.

It has become possible to carry out monitoring of variable pressing loading.

 Wear Testing has been Simplified

A considerate design allows easy switching from rotating drum testing to both-way sliding testing.

Additionally, a function that automatically stops when the specified number of rotations or specified friction is reached is also included to allow wear testing to be easily carried out.

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Main specifications

Table Size W110×L400mm
Table Travel Speed/Distance 30-6000mm/min / 1-100mm
Table Operation Mode Single Mode and Repeat Mode
Automatic Both-way Movement Number of Times Setting Maximum 9,999,999 Times
Y-direction Stage for Measurement Position Adjustment +/-10mm (Only in Both-way Sliding Mode)
Drum Roller Size φ10-90mm
Drum Roller Fixing Method Using Dedicated Chucking Jig (Manufacture possible depending on configuration)
Drum Rotation Direction/Speed With Forward Rotation/Reverse Rotation Switching Function / 50-500rpm(Manufacture possible for specified rotation speed)
Drum Rotation Counter Possible to have 9,999,999 Times Accumulation
Specified Number of Rotations Auto Stop Function Available; Maximum 9,999,999 Times
Friction Measurement Part easurement Method / Range X, Y, Z; 3 directions (Z direction is for the vertical loading monitor)/ Maximum 9.8N (in all 3 directions)
Vertical Loading 1-1000g (Using balance arm structure + weights),
0-10mm Loading Converter Pressing Method (Max. 9.8N)
Fulcrum Part Vertical Motion 0-150mm
Dynamic Strain Amplifier 0-9.8N=0-5V Analog DC Output
Limiter Function Table Auto Stop After Attaining Specified Friction During Straight Line Both-way Sliding Repeat Mode
Measurement Position Sample Lengthwise Direction Center Part (Only during Rotating Drum Mode)
(Manufacture possible for specified position)
Data Analyzing Part (Option) General Purpose Friction Analyzing Software (TriboSoft),
3ch Software for X, Y, Z friction monitoring
Standard Accessories Upper Part Companion Sample Fixing Jig (Manufacture possible following discussions), Ball Holder, Blade Holder, Flat Indenter, Scratching Needle, Loading Weights (20g,50g,100g,200g,500g,1000g), Power Cable, Earth Wire, Operation Manual

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