TYPE:36 Low Load Wear Tester

Tribogear with a Minimum 0.1g-10g Loading Range

This is a wear tester that allows measurement from very low loading (0.1g) that was previously difficult to measure, to a maximum loading of 10g.

A turntable with a high speed of 3000rpm and width of 80mm is utilized to allow a wide range of wear testing.

The minimum loading from 0.1g up to 10g of the very low loading wear tester is realized using a flat spring pressing method.

For the turntable, a new type of turntable is utilized which has a low vibration that will not affect the measurement when using very low loading.

This instrument makes it possible to precisely measure the wear of thin films and surface processing, for which measurement was formerly difficult.

Housing that Separates the Drive Unit and Measuring Unit

In consideration of the measurement under very low loading conditions, the drive part which will be a source of vibration is separated from the measurement unit in order to prevent as far as possible the vibration from affecting the measurement.

Because a vacuum chuck is also available for holding the sample, the balance can be maintained during rotation.

Incorporates a Displacement Meter to Easily Determine the Wear Amount

A displacement meter is incorporated for measuring the amount of wear. This makes it possible to easily understand the wear amount.

In addition, because the loading using the flat spring has a load cell attached for calibration, precise measurement will be possible.

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Main specifications

Main Unit Configuration Drive Unit/Measurement Unit Separate Installation Type
Table Size φ80mm
Table Sample Fixing Method Sample Center Central Bolt Fixing (Support possible for sample shape),
Vacuum Chuck System (Option)
Upper Part Sample Fixing Method Using Sample Fixing Jig (Support possible for sample shape)
Table Rotation Speed 30 – 3000rpm
Rotation Speed Counter Accumulation Counting up to Maximum of 9,999,999,999 Times
Auto Stop Function Specified Number of Rotations Auto Stop Function up to a Maximum of 9,999,999,999 Times
Loading Method/ Loading Range Flat Washer Pressing Displacement Method/ 0.1-10g
Friction Measurement Range Load Cell Method Maximum 1N (Replacement possible)
Wear Amount Measurement Over-current Type Displacement Meter Accuracy 3μm
Fulcrum Part Up/Down Motion 0-30mm
Data Analyzing Part General Purpose Friction Analyzing Software (TriboSoft)
Standard Accessories Scratching Needles (Diamond 0.005mmR one piece, Diamond 0.25mmR one piece),Flat Spring, Acrylic Cover, Flat Spring Calibrating Load Cell, Power Cable,Earth Wire, Operation Manual

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