Company Overview

Company name Shinto Scientific Co., Ltd.
Headquarters & Sales Department 27 Kanda-higashikonyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0034
FAX: 81-3-3252-2792
Ogose Factory 178-1 Doyama, Ogose-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture 350-0406
Date of founding April 17, 1952
Capital 45,240,000YEN
Representative Director and President Masahisa Nomura
Products manufactured and sold Three-One Motor laboratory agitators
Tribogear friction and wear testers
Muse portable friction meters
Tactile meters, strain testers, agitators, optical elasticity testers, physical properties evaluating machines
Acquired certification JIS Q 9001:2000(ISO9001:2000)
Affiliated organizations Tokyo Scientific Instrument Organization
Japan Testing Machinery Association
Tokyo Glass Products Association


SHINTO Scientific Co.,ltd. Headquarters & Sales Department

27 Kanda-higashikonyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 101-0034

TEL 81-3-5822-9271 FAX 81-3-5822-9272

Head Office

SHINTO Scientific Co.,ltd. Nihonbashi Laboratory

11-11, Nihombashi kobuna-cho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024 Japan



SHINTO Scientific Co.,ltd. Ogose Factory

178-1 Doyama, Ogose-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture 350-0406 【Google Maps
TEL 81-49-292-8510



This company’s “Heidon” brand name derives from the nickname “Heidon” given to the company’s founder Masuhei Nomura at the time when he was working as an apprentice. Even though the brand sounds like it may be a German word, our company is “Made in Japan”.

The “Three-one Motor” agitators are so-called because they promise the “Three No.1’s” of “Maintaining Safety”, “Delivering Satisfaction”, and “Maintaining After-sales Care”.

This name was formed by combining the words “tribology” and “gear”. The name incorporates the feeling of wishing to create products through effectively using the complex study of friction and wear as a tool.

About us

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    About us

    History of SHINTO Scientific Co.,Ltd. (Japanese PDF)

Corporate Philosophy

Delivering Satisfaction to Our Users

Among scientific instruments, which require multi-type small-lot production, agitating operation is essential for scientific testing. “Three-One Motor” agitators offer greater stability and ease of use, while also supporting agitation research.

“Tribogear” testing instruments support equipment design, new materials development, and tribography, the study of friction that is closely related to everyday life.

Concentrating on these fields of agitators and friction and wear testing instruments, the company has built up a deep and large amount of trust in its foundation of technically very advanced products over its 56-year existence.

In the future, we will continue to carry out product development using unique Heidon ideas.

This is the Heidon philosophy.



1952 Shinto Scientific Co., Ltd. founded in Kanda-higashi-konyacho in Tokyo�fs Chiyoda Ward.
Manufacturing business started at Nakano Works in Takada in Tokyo�fs Nakano Ward.
1956 New headquarters building completed in Kanda-higashi-konyacho in Tokyo�fs Chiyoda Ward.
1965 Nerima Factory completed in Nukui in Tokyo�fs Nerima Ward.
1966 �gThree-One Motor�h agitators created for laboratory use.
1969 Ochiai Industrial Machinery Department established in Kamiochiai in Tokyo�fs Shinjuku Ward.
1972 Tester Division established.
Service Labo established in Kanda-higashi-matsushitacho in Tokyo�fs Chiyoda Ward.
1976 Capital increased to 10,080,000Yen.
1977 Manufacturing of Surface Property Testers started at Ochiai Industrial Machinery Department.
1979 Laboratory established in Kanda-konyacho in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.
1980 Increased capital to 15,120,000Yen.
1982 “Heidon” trademark registered.
1985 Sales Department and Service Labo transferred to Iwamotocho in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.
1986 Service Labo Osaka established in Yodogawa Ward in Osaka.
1989 Iruma Factory completed in Iruma City, Saitama.
1990 Certified as Excellent Tax Declaration Company by Kanda Tax Office.
1991 Company funeral held after passing of Senior Managing Director Shigeko Nomura.
Corporate Identity project introduced.
1992 5-day working week system introduced throughout.
40th anniversary of company founding.
Increased capital to 30,240,000Yen.
1994 Tokyo Sales Office completed in Nukui in Tokyo�fs Nerima Ward.
1995 Osaka Sales Office established in Osaka�fs Kita Ward.
1996 Website established.
“Heidon Virtual Office” CD-ROM produced to introduce the company’s products.
Tribogear registered as a trademark.
1998 Increased capital to 45,240,000Yen.
2000 Appointed Masahisa Nomura as president and Masuhei Nomura as chairman.
2002 50th anniversary of company founding
2004 Company funeral held after passing of Chairman Masuhei Nomura.
2005 Transferred to Ogose Factory in Ogose-machi in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture.
Logo mark changed.
2006 Sales Department transferred to Higashi Kanda in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.
Established Showroom in Nihonbashi-bakurocho in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward.
2008 ISO certification acquired by Ogose Factory and Sales Department.

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Quality Policy

Making free use of the established technology and quality administration technology possessed by this company, a quality management system based on JIS Q 9001:2000 has been established to achieve high evaluation from our customers and from society. To prevent the occurrence of defective products, and to enable the provision of products that match the expectations and needs of our customers, the company strives to thoroughly instill the quality management system among employees, and to maintain and continuously improve its effectiveness.

In order to realize this “Quality Policy”, I have appointed this company’s vice president as the person responsible for the administration who will actually implement the following items.

  1. We will set defined quality targets for each fiscal year for the factory chief and the heads of each group in order to achieve the quality methods.
  2. We will strictly observe applicable regulatory items, laws and ordinances, and regulatory requests. Current and future customer needs will be determined and understood in order to satisfy customer demands, and we will strive to exceed customer expectations.
  3. Integrating the organization, we will prepare the necessary resources and allocate them appropriately to allow the quality management system to function effectively. We will create an environment in which all concerned employees will be able to participate in the planning.
  4. We recognize that the performance of a quality management system can only be demonstrated through the participation in planning by all the employees concerned. We will ensure that employees are thoroughly acquainted with the contents of the quality manual and its related regulations and that they are capable of implementing them.
  5. We will recognize the individual activities in the quality management system as the process, and by systematically implementing the work we will aim to effectively manufacture even better products.
  6. We will clarify and operate the system made up from the necessary processes.
  7. We will accurately analyze records and information in order to carry out effective and dependable decision-making.
  8. By building up a cooperative relationship with suppliers, we will aim to promote mutual development and contributions to society.

10 Nov.2010
Shinto Scientific Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Masahisa Nomura

ISO Certification ISO 9001:2000, JIS Q 9001:2000

Applicable standards ISO9001:2000,JIS Q9001:2000
Applicable range Scientific instrument design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales servicing
Applicable organization Ogose Factory and the Sales Department
Certifying authority Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.
Registration number 437358
Registration date March 6, 2008

Certification Mark

Certification Mark
ISO 9001:2000 Certification Acquisition
Registration Certificate
ISO 9001:2000 Registration Certificate
iso9001mark iso9001paper-1