For those who want reliable measurement performance,
and static sound characteristics.
Space-saving, lightweight and performant.

HEIDON's friction tester has a repeat rate of 96% or more.
The overwhelming ease of use is popular.
With the data and know-how cultivated over 60 years of experience, we strongly support your business. You can quantify comfort, such as comfort and discomfort that you casually feel in your daily life.


Easy to handle and more accurate

Targeting tribology (friction), which is closely related to equipment design, new material development, and general life With the “Tribo Gear Series”, you should be able to develop and propose products based on objectivity. In other words, it leads to business revitalization.

Customer satisfaction, functionality, and comfort are increasingly required in all modern industrial fields such as product development, manufacturing processes, and effect measurement.
If I could quantify comfort, such as comfort and discomfort that I casually felt in my daily life…
There are various types of friction and wear testers in the Tribo Gear series, and consulting on measurement that makes use of many years of experience.
We are satisfied with the problem-solving method related to friction and wear with a product lineup that meets the needs of our customers.

Target Industries
Automotive Manufacturers
  • Measurement of friction between wiper and glass surface
  • Measurement of friction between cylinder and piston
  • Car wax does not slip
  • The seat belt slips
  • Car tires wear out
  • The life of heat-resistant materials for engine parts is short, etc.
Electrical・Electronic・Precision Equipment Industry
  • Evaluation of scratches on the lens
  • Touch panel scratch evaluation
  • Friction evaluation of printer rubber rollers, etc.
Chemical ・ Fiber Industry
  • Evaluation of film slippage and scratches
  • Evaluation of slippage and scratches on surface treatment (plating, DLC film, etc.)
  • Inner and outer cling to each other
  • Iron does not slip when glued
  • Socks slip too much, etc.
Pharmaceuticals ・ Cosmetics Industry

Evaluation of slippage of various creams

  • Slip evaluation of shampoo and conditioner
  • Evaluation of the feel of various cosmetics
  • Evaluation of scratch strength of nail polish, etc.

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