Want to stir efficiently

Vertical Motion Rotating Agitator
Repeats an up/down both-way movement while the agitator blades are rotating.
Compared with agitation consisting of rotation only, the agitating efficiency has been greatly improved. The circumferential flows that are generated in rotation agitation which reduce the mixing efficiency are avoided and axial direction flows are easily created to realize unified agitation throughout the tank in a short time.
In high viscosity agitation, the ring-shaped unmixed area that is normally difficult to identify will not be generated. In addition, in the case of a deep-bottomed tank, there will be an effect during agitation with multi-level blades that will act to prevent level separation.

Remote-controlled Agitators with External Input/Output
The R Series instruments are remote control operation models that are convenient for using inside fume hoods.
Using the external output of the rotation speed and converted torque, the agitating situation can be understood. Then depending on the agitating condition it is possible to control the rotation speed and switch the rotation direction through inputting from an external source, allowing the instrument to be used as part of an agitation system.

Maxblend Agitation Equipment
This is an agitating instrument that incorporates Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.�fs Maxblend blades, which are absolutely trusted by customers as industrial agitating equipment.

The instrument is applicable to a wide range of viscosities, from low viscosity to high viscosity, and realizes complete mixing in a short time period.
By combining this instrument with the multi-tank made from SUS304 incorporating the 4 baffles, these characteristics can be fully utilized.

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