Stirring up to 20L

Explosion proof agitator
Three-One Motor Ex TYPE: Ex300 is the first motor-driven pressure-resistant explosion-proof stirrer of Three-One Motor.
The ease of use, small size, and compact housing cultivated over many years have been reproduced as much as possible even with explosion-proof.
The birth of an explosion-proof agitator that can be used as is in the laboratory.
High Power General Purpose Agitator
The series utilizes a high output 80W brushless motor that was developed to handle demanding agitation situations.
These strong laboratory agitators generate twice as much torque as the BL series.
The automatic forward/reverse rotation function with timer allows changing of the rotation direction to eliminate the ring-shaped unmixed area that is generated with one-directional agitation.
Completely Explosion-proof Air Motor Agitators
These are completely explosion-proof agitators. Because the air pressure is adjusted using a needle valve attached to the air motor and the rotation speed and torque are controlled, these instruments can be safely used in laboratories where sources of fire are strictly prohibited.
Mini-Plant-Class Agitators
A 120W motor is utilized in the BLW Series with the purpose of agitating high viscosity liquids, and the torque has been further increased in this Three-One Motor.
Capable of supporting high viscosity levels that are not possible with the BL (40W) Series and BLh (80W) Series, this greatly increases the breadth of laboratory work that can be carried out.
To also support experiments and production that were previously carried out, the rotation control (forward/reverse rotation switching, forward/reverse rotation timer) and ease of use are inherited from the Three-One Motor.

High Power Agitators with External Output
For the Ft Series, an automatic timer has been added to the forward/reverse rotation function of the general purpose agitator BL Series.
Using the automatic forward/reverse rotation, the agitation efficiency is greatly improved. In addition, the rotation speed and conversion torque are output as analog voltages from the output connector so that changes in viscosity can be measured using a recording meter during the agitation.

High-power Remote-controlled Agitators with External I/O
The BLh-R Series is a remote-controlled type agitator that allows control from an external source.
The series utilizes a high output 70W brushless motor that was developed to handle demanding agitation situations.
These strong laboratory agitators generate twice the torque of the BL-R series.
Using the external output of the rotation speed and converted torque, the agitating situation can be understood. Then depending on the agitating condition it is possible to control the rotation speed and switch the rotation direction through inputting from an external source, allowing the instrument to be used as part of an agitation system.

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