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Three-One motor stirrer maintenance-free.
Can be used in a variety of fields, including paint manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, universities, and colleges.


Three-One Motor promises three No. 1 .

1. Safety
After experiencing the intensity of a fire in the laboratory due to the spark of a motor, we know that something that cannot be kept safe is of no value as a product, and we prioritize the cost for safety. All models are equipped with sparkless brushless motors developed for three-one motors for the purpose of harsh stirring.

2. Delivering satisfaction
The three-one motor contains HEIDON’s ideas that know everything about the site. In addition, it is possible to configure a stirrer that suits the application from a wide variety of models from general-purpose to agitation experimental equipment, and agitation blades and accessories that can be selected according to the purpose of use. At our company, we are proceeding with research on stirring efficiency, and we are also accepting consultations regarding stirring from everyone.

3. Continued protection
We make every effort to ensure safety and durability, but in the unlikely event of a failure, please hand it over to the store without disassembling it. If the failure is within our regulations, we will repair it free of charge during the warranty period. Even after the warranty period, we will repair it promptly at the domestic factory, so you can use it with confidence.

How to choose a Three-One motor
Stirring Capacity By Series
There are three major series of three-one motors, and the strength (force) of the motor is different.
The BL series uses a 40W motor, the BLH series uses a 80W motor, and the BLW uses a 120W motor. The larger the number, the stronger the torque, and it can handle high-viscosity, large-capacity stirring.
In addition, there are four types in each series, and the model number indicates the maximum number of revolutions. In the case of the same series, the smaller the number (lower the maximum rotation speed), the stronger the torque (force), and the larger the number, the higher the maximum rotation speed, but the weaker the torque (force).
Normally, if the agitated content has a high viscosity, use the 300 or 600 type, and if the agitated content has a low viscosity, use the 1200 or 3000 type.
Stirring Capacity By Series
Applicable viscosity image by type
Applicable viscosity image by type
How to select the stirring blade.
Generally, for the stirring blade, select a blade diameter size of about 1/3 to 1/2 of the tank diameter, but when using an anchor blade etc. for high-viscosity stirring, the size will be close to the tank diameter.
In addition, the optimum blade shape differs depending on the purpose of stirring. We offer various blades such as an axial-flow propeller type that generates a strong flow up and down, and a spoke-type turbine type that creates a flow in the diameter direction of the tank.
A simple flow pattern is illustrated above, so please refer to it.
Flow pattern image of stirring blade.
* During forward rotation, stirring blade set FS-7 (excluding some)
Flow pattern image of stirring blade.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the selection and stirring of three-one motors and stirring blades.

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