Image of BLW300/BLW600/BLW1200/BLW3000
Mini-Plant-Class Agitators

A 120W motor is utilized in the BLW Series with the purpose of agitating high viscosity liquids, and the torque has been further increased in this Three-One Motor.
Capable of supporting high viscosity levels that are not possible with the BL (40W) Series and BLh (80W) Series, this greatly increases the breadth of laboratory work that can be carried out.
To also support experiments and production that were previously carried out, the rotation control (forward/reverse rotation switching, forward/reverse rotation timer) and ease of use are inherited from the Three-One Motor.

  • Utilizes a specially developed high-performance 120W brushless motor. The high rotation speed BL3000 has been added to the BLW Series to seek even higher viscosity agitation.
  • During the agitating operation, even if there is a change in the viscosity, the set rotation speed will be maintained.
  • A strong brushless motor is used that does not generate sparks.
  • Utilizes a 13mm diameter drill chuck to support high viscosity agitation.
  • Noise that would cause mistaken operation of other equipment is not output, and noise countermeasures are implemented to prevent mistaken operation even when noise is received.
  • For the overloading protection of the agitation motor, protection equipment including a current restricting circuit and thermal protector are provided.
Feature image
Rotation Speed
Rated Torque
BLW300/BLW600/BLW1200 : DC Brushless Motor B Type Insulation (130deg C) 120W
BLW3000 : DC Brushless Motor B Type Insulation 120W
Rotation Control
Feedback Control and Forward/Reverse Rotation Switching (Timer mode, manual)
Forward/Reverse Rotation Timer
5, 10, 20, 30, 45, and 60 sec Setting Switching Possible
Panel Display
Rotation Speed Digital 4 Digits and Overload Display; Torque Indicator (1 graduation 20%)
BLW300/BLW600/BLW1200 : φ13mm Drill Chuck *Up to 12mm shafts accepted. BLW3000 : φ13mm Drill Chuck *Up to 12mm shafts not accepted
Safety Equipment
Current Restricting Circuit, Motor Axis Restricting Protection Circuit,
Thermal Protector: Motor Coil Temperature 90deg C
Power Cable
2m Power cable with 2-pole Grounded Plug
Power Supply and Consumption
Single Phase 100V±10%, Joint Use 50/60Hz, 300VA
Dimensions and Weight
BLW300/BLW600/BLW1200 : Main Unit W160mm x D225mm x H218mm, 5.8Kg
BLW3000 : Main Unit W160mm x D187mm x H258mm, 5.5Kg
Standard Accessories
Clamp Holder (Type: 21 x 16) 1 piece

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