Vacuum Friction and Wear Tester

Incorporation in a Vacuum Tank of Various Types of Friction and Wear Testing Equipment for Testing in a Vacuum
By incorporating highly reputed Tribogear friction and wear testers in a vacuum chamber, it has become possible to carry out various kinds of friction and wear testing in a vacuum. This makes it possible to easily conduct product evaluation in a vacuum, which was formerly difficult, and the instruments are widely applicable to research and development applications for space manufacturing, new materials, and new technology.


Support for Various Types of Friction and Wear Testing

The loading method utilizes the highly reputed Heidon balance method, in which precise loading is possible from low loads. Options such as high speed friction testing using a rotating table are also possible. Support is also given for specifications involving minute loading amounts.

Support for Various Testing Conditions

Supports creating vacuums up to 10 Pa using a Turbo Molecular Pump. Additionally, a high vacuum specification can be provided as an option, so that testing will be possible under various conditions to match user needs. Please contact this company for more information.

Vertical Loading

10 – 1000g

Loading Method

Weight Loading Switching Method

Load Cell

Sample Center Bolt Fixing (Possible to support sample shapes), Vacuum Chuck Method (Option)

Upper Part Sample Fixing Method

Capacity: 9.8N, Measurement Accuracy: ±0.098N

Turntable Size

Diameter: 60mm

Vacuum Pump

Turbo Molecular Pump and Rotary Pump

Sample Fixing Method

Upper Part Sample: Uses an Exclusive Holder Lower Part Table Sample: Fixed by a Bolt on the Table

Table Rotation Speed

Possible to Set between 1-2000rpm

Possible to Set between 1-2000rpm

Accommodated in Control Rack

Friction Force and External Output Function

External Output Terminals provided in Control Rack

Data Analyzing Part

General Purpose Friction and Wear Analyzing Software (TriboSoft)

Standard Accessories

Sample Fixing Holder (Please contact for more information)
TriboSoft (Including A/D Converter)
Power Cable
Operation Manual

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