Surface quality measuring machine
TYPE: 38

Birth of a high-performance, low-cost friction and wear tester.
We have reduced costs as much as possible while maintaining the measurement performance of friction gears.
The basic performance is comparable to high-end models such as touch panel operation and various measurement ranges.
A load converter with an integrated stylus holder has been adopted to further improve operability.
Tribosoft (optional) makes it easy to measure, analyze, and manage from measuring the coefficient of static friction to measuring reciprocating wear.


Uses a newly developed load transducer. Pursuing sensitivity and ease of use.

The newly developed load transducer for TYPE: 38 eliminates unnecessary stress generated when a vertical load is applied, and improves usability. In addition, the structure is such that the force is transmitted directly from the stylus, so the measurement sensitivity is extremely high.

Easy operation with touch panel

Since it is operated by the touch panel, you can easily enter the measurement conditions.
In addition, a color liquid crystal panel is used so that the measurement operation status can be grasped at a glance.

Compatible with various JIS standards

By exchanging the attachment, it is possible to perform tests conforming to JIS K7125 (P8139) and P8147.

Measurement of surface scratch hardness JIS K 5600

A predetermined vertical load is applied to the conical scratch needle, and the scratch hardness is indicated by the size of the scratch width when scratched.
Pencil scratch strength test is also possible.

Measurement of static friction and dynamic friction due to image pressure, linear pressure, and point pressure ASTM D1894

Measurements can also be made by combining image pressure, linear pressure, point pressure, and samples.
The average dynamic friction calculation, which is troublesome and causes individual differences, is also easily displayed. * 1

* Depends on tribo software (optional)

Real-time measurement of changes in frictional resistance due to wear

By repeating the friction of the reciprocating motion, the number of reciprocating movements in which the surface condition changes and the coating peels off is calculated from the increase or decrease in frictional resistance.

Measurement of scratch strength

Scratch strength can be measured in the horizontal direction.

TYPE: 38
Moving Speed


Drive motor

AC servo motor

Drive system


Moving distance


Move mode

Single mode: Automatic stop after set distance
Repeat mode: Reciprocating motion over the set distance (up to 99,999,999 times)

range of measurement


Table dimensions


Safety device

Overload safety device
High frequency noise prevention circuit

Dynamic distortion amplifier

Zero point adjustment: Manual / auto zero ± 0.5 mV / V or less
Output (non-linearity): 0 to ± 5V (within ± 0.01% FS)
Zero point drift ・ ・ ・ 0.01% FS / ℃
Gain drift ・ ・ ・ 0.01% FS / ℃
Low-pass filter: Approximately 500Hz

Usage environment

0 to 50 ° C within 85% RH, but no condensation

Power supply

AC100V 50/60Hz

Overall dimensions

Body: W630mm x D350mm x H390mm Maximum 460mm when picked up


1 load transducer, 1 scratch needle, 1 set of Φ10 mm ball indenter,
ASTM flat indenter 1 set, power cord (2m with 2P / E) 1 piece,
1 acrylic cover, 1 parts case, 1 instruction manual, 1 set of tools

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