Wide-Range Load Friction and Wear Tester

Super Wide Range! Allowing Testing from Minimum 20g to Maximum 100kg
Using a high sensitivity balance arm method for the minimum loading of 20g up to 10kg, high loading from 10kg to 100kg can be safely applied.
Utilizing a raising and lowering type loading mechanism, a friction and wear tester with an exceptionally wide range of loading has been realized.


Optimum Rotation Type for Wear Testing, from Low Speed to High Speed

Utilizing a rotating table capable of a minimum of 30rpm up to a maximum of 3000rpm, acceleration testing can be carried out using high loading and high rotation.

Further, the optimum method for testing can be selected from two measurement methods, the torque meter and load cell.

Supports Various Types of Wear Testing

The wide range is provided not only in the loading and the rotation.

Using the various functions and options, a variety of wear testing is supported, such as testing while immersed in oil and testing over a high temperature range using heating equipment.

Table Size


Table Sample Fixing Method

Sample Center Bolt Fixing (Support possible according to sample shape)

Upper Part Sample Fixing Method

Using Sample Fixing Jig (Support possible according to sample shape)

Table Rotation Speed


Rotation Counte

Counting possible up to a maximum of 9,999,999 times

Auto Stop Function

Can be automatically stopped a specified number of times up to MAX 999,999 times

Loading Method

Specified Rotation Number Auto Stop possible up to a Maximum of 9,999,999 Times

Friction/Wear Torque Measurement Range

Load Cell Method: Maximum 2000N, 200N, 20N (Replacing Type)/
Torque Meter Method: Maximum 2000N/cm

Wear Impression Depth Monitoring Function

Displacement Meter Method: Maximum 5mm

Sample Temperature Monitoring Function

Using Non-contact Type Thermometer

Heating Mechanism (Option)

Heater Temperature Maximum 300℃

Depth Tester (Option)

Using a Liquid Receiving Vat

Image Observing Function (Option)

CCD TriboSystem

Opening and Closing Type Safety Cover

With Interlocking System

Data Analyzing Part

Notebook PC, General Purpose Friction Analyzing Software (TriboSoft),Friction and Wear Impression Depth and Temperature Monitoring Dedicated Software,

Standard Accessories

Control Rack, Ball Indenter(φ5mm 1 unit, φ10mm 1 unit), Parts Case,Tools (+/- Screwdrivers, wrenches), Loading-type Ring-shaped Weights (50g x 2, 100g x 5, 500g x 1, 1kg x 5, 5kg x 4, 10kg x 8), Power Cable, Earth Wire,Operation Manual

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