Portable Friction Meter Muse

Measurements by Anyone, Anywhere
The Muse Type: 94i-IIis a portable measuring instrument that can easily be used by anyone to measure the static friction coefficient between objects.
Previously, methods of measuring static friction generally used incline methods and strain gages, and their use was limited to locations such as laboratories. The inability to make measurements on-site was a weak point of these methods.
This unique instrument is offered as a “new static friction measurement method” that solves all of the above problems at once.


Measurement can be Carried out Easily over a Wide Range

The static friction coefficient between the slider (contact maker) provided in the main unit and the test sample is displayed.

In the measurement, the operator needs only to place the main unit on the test sample and press the button. Operation is simple, and there are no differences in measurement due to individuals.

Fabrics and films can be attached to the slider.

The sample object can be any material, including metal, glass, textiles, plastic, wood, cosmetics, and paper.

Possible to Transfer Data from the Built-in Memory to a PC

Multiple measurements of the same object are memorized, and the number of measurements and the average static friction coefficient are displayed.

Using the PC Connection Kit (Option), it is possible to read the data into a personal computer.

The specification using SUM-3 (AA) dry cell batteries allows measurement to be quickly made in any location. It is also possible to use an AC adaptor (option) to power the instrument.

Measurement Range

Static Friction Coefficient 0.000-1.600

Display Resolution



VCM Photo Sensor


7 Segment Red Color LED 4 Digits


Brass (Hard Chrome Finish) 40g

Power Supply

Alkali Dry Cell Batteries (SUM-3 (AA) x 4) or Exclusive AC Adaptor (Option)


Main Unit: W188mm x D62mm x H64mm

Standard Accessories

Slider, Alkali Dry Cell Batteries, Slider Holder, Carrying Case,
+ Screwdriver, O-ring, Operation Manual


Exclusive AC Adaptor, PC Connection Kit, 6 Point Ball Holder, Rubber Slider



6 ball sliders

Rubber Slider

AC adapter


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