Friction wear tester
TYPE: 40

Standard model of new friction and wear tester
Hop-up type acrylic cover that can be covered during measurement, newly developed orthogonal balance arm method, etc.
The birth of a new generation standard model of Tribo Gear.
Equipped with a Y-direction stage as standard, making testing easier.
Perform friction and wear tests comfortably with the Tribo Gear TYPE 40, which is easier to use and more accurate.


Newly developed “Orthogonal balance arm method” adopted. To higher measurement accuracy.

A load transducer that measures frictional force is placed directly above the stylus to eliminate unnecessary mechanisms and measure more directly.
This has eliminated high response and setting errors as much as possible.

In addition, the sliding direction of the sample table is orthogonal to the arm to eliminate load fluctuations on the outward and inbound routes.
Greatly improved the reliability of wear experiments.

Easy operation from software

Since it is operated by the touch panel, you can easily enter the measurement conditions.
In addition, a color liquid crystal panel is used so that the measurement operation status can be grasped at a glance.
If you use the optional tribo software, you can easily enter conditions, analyze, and even test operations from your computer.

Compatible with various JIS standards

By exchanging the attachment, it is possible to perform tests conforming to JIS K7125 (P8139) and P8147.

Large flip-up acrylic cover / simple sealing function
A large flip-up acrylic cover that can be used during testing is standard equipment.
As an option, the cover can be easily sealed to support tests in specific environments such as atmosphere and temperature.

Equipped with Y-direction stage as standard equipment

The “Orthogonal Balance Arm” is designed to stroke 13mm in the Y direction.
This makes it possible to measure another location without changing the sample as standard.

Real-time measurement of changes in frictional resistance due to wear

By repeating the friction of the reciprocating motion, the number of reciprocating movements in which the surface condition changes and the coating peels off is calculated from the increase or decrease in frictional resistance.

TYPE: 40
Moving Speed


Drive motor

AC servo motor

Drive system


Moving distance


Move mode

Single mode: Automatic stop after moving the set distance
Repeat mode: Reciprocating motion over the set distance (up to 99,999,999 times)

Range of measurement


Table dimensions


Safety device

Overload safety device
High frequency noise prevention circuit

Dynamic distortion amplifier

Zero point adjustment: Manual / auto zero ± 0.5 mV / V or less
Output (non-linearity): 0 to ± 5V (within ± 0.01% FS)
Zero point drift ・ ・ ・ 0.01% FS / ℃
Gain drift ・ ・ ・ 0.01% FS / ℃
Low-pass filter: Approximately 500Hz

Usage environment

0 to 50 ° C within 85% RH, but no condensation

Power supply

AC100V 50/60Hz

Overall dimensions

Body: W475mm x D450mm x H475mm * Excluding protrusions


1 load transducer, 1 scratch needle, 1 set of Φ10 mm ball indenter,
1 set of ASTM flat indenters, 1 power cord (2 m with 2P / E), 1 parts case,
1 set of tools, 1 copy of instruction manual

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