TriboGear Option

Tribogear has an established reputation for its "range" of friction and wear testing, but it is the Tribogear options that dramatically expand the range of testing methods. In addition to point contact, line and surface contact measurement jigs, etc., a wide variety of jigs are available, including jigs dedicated to pencil hardness testing, and jigs that enable tackiness and peel tests.


Various measurement methods and conditions for tribo gear

Tribo gears have a good reputation for the “width” of friction and wear tests, but the tribo gear option dramatically expands the test method.
In addition to point contact to line / surface contact measurement jigs, we have a wide variety of jigs dedicated to pencil hardness tests and jigs that enable tackiness and peeling tests.

Respond to the user’s “want”

There are a wide variety of test contents for users, from sample shape to material and what they want to measure.
Please contact us if you cannot cover with the standard measuring jig alone. We will use our know-how to shape what users want to do.


Heating and Cooling Equipment For testing under various conditions.

Heating device

Maximum Room temperature+ 200℃
Application models : 14、18、22、30、34、38、HHS

Cooling System

Application models : 14、18、22、30、34、38、HHS

Liquid receiver

Application models : 14、18、22、30、34、38、HHS

Data Logger


A data logger equipped with a large-capacity memory that is ideal for long-term measurements such as wear experiments. Since it can measure up to 4 channels, it is possible to measure temperature (thermocouple is optional) as well as frictional force at the same time. Stand-alone logging is possible, and the 5.7-inch TFT color LCD is installed for easy viewing and comfort of the graph display. It can be easily connected to a PC via USB, and it also supports overwriting with dedicated software. Furthermore, monitoring from LAN is possible with the WEB server / FTP function.

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