Supports Most Types of Tribogear Instruments
This is analysis software that supports almost all of the Heidon Tribogear Series instruments. In addition to analysis using the friction coefficient, automatic analysis using the static friction coefficient, and dynamic coefficient average value calculation can also be easily analyzed. It is provided with an easy to use, user-friendly interface, allowing analysis to be carried out by mouse operation.
In addition, troublesome data management is easily carried out using spreadsheet formulas, allowing simple comparison between samples.


Simple Analysis

Anyone can simply carry out friction and wear analysis through simple operations using the mouse. For example, the static friction coefficient will be automatically calculated, and it will also be possible to calculate the dynamic friction coefficient of multiple samples together.

Conversion of the friction from the rotation torque is also supported.

User-friendly Interface

The software supports the various Tribogear instrument tests, including static friction coefficient testing and dynamic friction testing using fixed loading, scratching intensity testing, continuous loading peel testing, tension testing, and torque measurement.

Optimum Both-Way Measuring Mode for Wear Testing (Option)

The optimum ?gBoth-Way Measurement Mode?h for friction testing is available. Because data can be automatically extracted and analyzed for each both-way movement, it will be possible to carry out even more detailed analysis.

By plotting the individual waveforms of the static friction and dynamic friction on a graph and comparing them, it will be possible to carry out analysis of the wear condition that is even easier to understand.

Main specifications

Main Functions ixed Loading Measurement, Continuous Loading Measurement, Resistance Measurement, Friction Coefficient Calculation, Static Friction Coefficient Automatic Calculation,Dynamic Friction Coefficient Calculation, CGS/MKS Unit System Switching, Graph Overlay Writing, Data Text Saving,Graph Printing, and Result Printing, etc.
Maximum Data Intake Speed/
Intake Point Numbers
Standard Accessories
0.1ms/500,000 points
Standard Accessories  A/D Converter, Operation Manual
Operating Environmen for Microsoft Windows 10,8,7 (When using the DPI Scale Function, the screen may be unstable.)

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