Variable Normal Load Friction and Wear Measurement System

A More Advanced Type of Wear Tester has been Realized
In this instrument, for a single measurement of test paper strip, it is possible to create 3-dimensional wear condition graphs showing the relationships between the number of wear movements, vertical loading, friction and wear volumes, and to determine the critical loading responding to wear transitions. Accordingly, not only will it be unnecessary to have multiple test pieces, but the testing time will also be greatly shortened and the requirement for troublesome data analysis can be eliminated, allowing excellent data to be obtained.


Adding Displacement Measurement and Image Recording to the Friction Measurement

In addition to the friction measurement using the loading converter, the measuring element will have the friction amount, wear impression, and scratching depth measured by the displacement meter.

With the collection of this real-time data, it will be possible to analyze the object from many points of view.

Furthermore, by using the instrument together with the optional TriboCCD System, even more advanced testing, such as behavioral analysis of wear powder and lubricant travel conditions, can be carried out.

Adding Various Functions While Maintaining the Previous Reliability of the Measuring System

The loading method uses the traditional Tribogear balance arm mechanism to maintain the high reliability.

Switching between the fixed loading and continuous loading testing modes can be easily carried out using the touch panel.

For the loading, too, the previous mechanism requiring weights to be placed manually has evolved into an automatic system based on numerical input.

Furthermore, a rich variety of functions have been added, including a moveable table with standard Y-direction stage and angle adjusting functions.

Feature image
Feature image
Travel Speed


Drive Motor

AC Servo Motor

Drive Method

Rack and Pinion

Travel Distance

Fixed Loading: 1-50mm Loading Variation/Continuous Loading: 10-50mm

Vertical Loading

HHS2000S:High Loading Unit: 10-1000g/Low Loading Unit: 1-50g

Loading Converter Capacity

HHS2000S:High Loading Unit: 19.61NLow Loading Unit: 0.98N

Table Size

Single/Repeat Switching

Pre-start Mode

Fixed Loading/Continuous Loading Switching

Safety Equipment

Overloading Safety Equipment((OVERLOAD)High Frequency Noise Prevention Circuit CMRR: AC/DC130dB or more, NMRR: AC50dB or more

Dynamic Strain Amplifier

Zero Point Adjustment: Digital Servo Auto Zero Reset Method
Output (Non-linear): ±5V (±0.05% FS or less)
Sensitivity Switching: 0, 100, 50, 25, 10% FS
SN Ratio: 60dB (Maximum Sensitivity)
Response Frequency Characteristics: 2kHz/-3dB
Filter: 1, 10, 100Hz, Pass (Low pass filter)
(The dynamic strain amplifier is built-in to the main unit)

Usage Environment

0-50℃ RH85% or less, non-condensing

Power Supply

AC100V 50/60Hz

Main Unit Dimensions

HHS2000S:W710mm x D490mm x H710mm
HHS3000S:W1000mm x D520mm x H900mm

Standard Accessories

Scratch test pin 2 piece, Ball indenter 2 sets, Vertical gauge 1 unit,
Variable load unit 1 each, Combination weights 1 set,
Power supply cord 1, Tools 1 set, Perts case 1 set, Operation manual 1 book,
TriboSoft 1 set, TriboWare 1 set, Notebook PC 1 set

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